Gina Carano Maxim Photoshoot Photos Different From Other Maxim Photoshoots, This One Is More Classy And With Clothes On!

by Trendy

Popular Muay Thai Boxer Gina Carano is appearing in the October Issue of Maxim magazine. Gina Carano has a great physique and shows off her Muay Thai Boxing skills in the Maxim Photoshoot pictures. The boxer is 25 years of age and stands tall at 5 feet and 8 inches. In a photoshoot that is way more classy than the usual clothe-less Maxim photoshoots, Carano has shot pictures without any nudity involved. You can say that she wants the world to see that she is strong, gutsy and does not want the world to know her for her pretty looks.

Gina Carano is also on the American Gladiators sports competition and is known as ‘Crush’ on the show. Here are some Gina Carano Maxim Pics from the Maxim Photoshoot. You can view more of the Gina Carano Maxim Photos at the Maxim website.

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