Gradiano Company CEO Beaten To Death By Dismissed Employees In Noida, India

by Trendy

It was supposed to be a peaceful meeting to resolve the disputes between company management and labour representatives. But it turned out to be bloody, resulting in a death. L K Chaudhury, the CEO of a company called Gradiano in Noida, India was killed in an attack by protesting former employees of the company. The Gradiano Company manufactures gear boxes and is in the auto spare parts manufacturing industry.

Gradiano had fired about 200 employees sixty days ago. The fired employees, obviously unhappy, launched a protest against the company management. Today the CEO led management was trying to negotiate a deal with the labor representatives of the fired employees. The meeting turned ugly and violent. The fired employees broke all rules of negotiation and beat the CEO Chaudhury to death. One of the security guards also opened fire to bring the situation under control. But the chaos led to the CEO’s death and about twenty other injuries.

To view a video news report from CNNIBN about the incident at the Gradiano India Company, Noida, India, go here.

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