Bank Of America Online Banking Website ( Goes Down And Offline

by Trendy

BOfA (BankOfAmerica) customers were probably worried today after the Bank Of America Online Banking Website went down for a few hours. This was probably the last thing that they needed after digesting a series of bad news last week. A Bank Of America rep said that not all customers were affected.

According to CNET, the bank rep declined to say what caused the outage

“We’ve had sporadic interruption of online banking service. It doesn’t impact customer information, just the ability to access it,” she said. “We are continuing to correct the error. The site should return shortly.”

Customers were worried if this had anything to do with the recent Bank Of America purchase of troubled brokerage firm Merrill Lynch. Bank customers should make sure that they have accounts only with banks that are FDIC insured. So that if the bank goes down, the FDIC will return back your money. BankOfAmerica is FDIC insured and there is nothing to signal that BOfA is in trouble. This was just a case of technical problems that brought down the online baking website.

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