Gennifer Moss (Earth Friend Gen) Gets On Skates In Portland Prompting 911 Calls

by Trendy

Gennifer Moss loves to get naked for she believes that this how mother earth would want us humans to be. Gennifer aka Earth Friend Gen is a nature loving person and attracting the attention of Portland residents. Moss had requested the city of Ashland permission to skate nude during its Fourth of July parade. Moss was turned down and refused permission.

Gennifer is now in Portland and skates semi-nude by the Portland waterfront. Some construction workers called the cops to complain about the nude skater. Moss complied when the cops told her not to expose her genitalia. She now skates with a sting bikini bottom to cover her genitalia.

Gennifer Moss has her own MySpace page. You can take a look at it here. You can also take a look at some of her videos on her MySpace page.

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