Alexandra Kosteniuk – Russian Chess Grandmaster Beauty With Brains

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Beauty and Brains is a very rare combination but Russian Chess grandmaster has them both. Alexandra Kosteniuk became a chess grandmaster at the age of 14. She is now 23 years of age and is already the ‘Queen Of Chess’ after winning the Women’s Chess Championships in Russia.

Alexandra Kosteniuk is also a swimsuit model and host of a popular podcast ‘Chess is Cool’. Her semi-nude photoshoots as a swimsuit model is drawing the ire of many connected with professional chess, who feel that she is severely denting the popularity of chess as an intellectual game. They are also calling her the Anna Kournikova of Chess and warning her that she might end up with a similar fate if she continues to merge chess and skin. Responding to her critics, Kosteniuk says, “Modelling is not a job. It is just a hobby, like reading books. I want people to see there is a fun side to chess. It can be made as exciting as soccer or tennis. Things are changing. I am clever, so I can play chess; and I am not so ugly, so I can model.”

Here are some of Alexandra Kosteniuk achievements:

Her chess career is full of notable achievements. In 2001, at the age of 17, she reached the final of the World Women’s Chess Championship, but was defeated by Zhu Chen. Three years later, she became female European champion by winning the tournament in Dresden, Germany. She also won the 2005 Russian Women’s Championship, held in Samara, Russia, finishing with a score of +7 =4 -0. In August 2006, she became the first Chess960 (Fischer Random) women world champion after beating Germany’s top female player Elisabeth Pähtz 5.5-2.5. She defended that title successfully in 2008 by beating Kateryna Lahno 2.5-1.5[1]. However, her top success so far has been to win the Women’s World Chess Championship 2008, beating in the final the young Chinese prodigy Hou Yifan, with a score of 2.5-1.5.

To learn more about Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk and her modelling career, head to her website at To listen to her podcast show ‘Chess is cool’ head to her podcasts page. To view her photo gallery that currently features about 6337 photos, head to her photo gallery page.

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