India’s ISRO To Launch India’s First Lunar Mission Chandrayaan-I On October 19

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India’s Space Research will grow by leaps and bounds when the Indian Space Research Organization launches its first ever lunar mission, Chandrayaan-I on October 19 2008. The lunar spacecraft was unveiled by ISRO in Bangalore today. This would be India’s first ever lunar trip and the project has cost an estimated four billion rupees (US $83 million). Chandrayaan is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Lunar Craft’.

Chandrayaan would lift off from Sriharikota in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The launch date is not fixed as it depends on a number of factors including the weather on that day. The lunar vehicle will be launched into orbit by the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. According to Wiki, Chandrayaan

will weigh 1304 kg (590 kg initial orbit mass and 504 kg dry mass) and carry high resolution remote sensing equipment for visible, near infrared, soft and hard X-ray frequencies. Over a two-year period, it is intended to survey the lunar surface to produce a complete map of its chemical characteristics and 3-dimensional topography. The polar regions are of special interest, as they might contain water ice.

The union cabinet of India has already approved Chandrayaan-II and has set aside a budget of Rupees 4.5 billion for the sequel to Chandrayaan-I. The initial launch will carry payloads and instruments of India, US, Britain, Bulgaria, Germany and Sweden. The mission will provide essential clues on the birth of the moon and the universe. It will also carry out detailed analysis of the lunar soil.

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