Barack Obama’s New Ad ‘Plan For Change’ Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

by Trendy

After a number of ads from the Obama campaign and McCain Campaign attacking each other, Obama is now coming out with ads where he faces the camera and addresses Americans directly. His new ads are indeed a breath of fresh air and are bringing back the policies and plans of the presidential nominees back into the limelight. I am sure everyone is tired and bored of the attack ads and want something of substance. Attacking your rival is not going to convince voters to vote for you. You ought to bring to the table what you are offering and why it is the good for America.

In a new ‘Plan for change’ ad, Obama is talking about how the recent wall street debacle, rising gas prices and rising health costs are taking its toll on Americans. He proposes to give tax breaks for middle class Americans and stopping the war in Iraq. He also says the money spent on the war and rebuilding Iraq should instead be spent on rebuilding America. At the end of the ad, he says “I approve this message because bitter, partisan fights and outworn ideas of the left and the right won’t solve the problems we face today. But a new spirit of unity and shared responsibility will”. I hope with this new ad, both the campaigns stop their no use attack ads and instead focus on the problems on hand.

Here is the new Obama ‘Plan For Change’ Ad.


To view other ads released recently by the Obama campaign, go here.

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