Sarah Palin’s Anti-Polar Bear Stance Makes Her The Villain In A New Video Game Called PolarPalin

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Sarah Palin wants more drilling in Alaska to help the US become energy independent. The State of Alaska headed by Palin wants the federal government to remove the Polar Bear from the ‘Threatened Species’ list so that it can go ahead with more drilling without worrying about the environmental impact especially on Polar bears. The Polar bear is at a great risk as more and more of its natural habitat is taken away for oil drilling.

A UK based company called T-Enterprise has taken direct aim at Sarah Palin’s anti-environmental and anti-polarbear stand by launching a flash based video game called PolarPalin. The aim of the game is to help a Polar Bear blow up oil wells across Alaska. In order to achieve its goal, the Polar Bear would also have to avoid Sarah Palin shooting at it from a McCain-Palin campaign tank. Here is a complete description found in the “information” part of the video game.

The U.S. recently classified the Alaskan polar bear as a threatened species because of the destruction of its natural habitat. It is predicted that the population of bears could be reduced by two-thirds by the year 2050 due to pollution and global warming.

The state of Alaska, led by Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is to sue the U.S. interior secretary to reverse the decision amid fears that it will hinder oil and gas development.

T-Enterprise has a history of launching games based on current events. According to the Telegraph,

T-Enterprise has a track record for developing funny viral games based on newsworthy events. Shortly after the disastrous opening of Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport in April, it launched a game in which players controlled a cartoon version of Willie Walsh, British Airway’s chief executive, to collect baggage, scan it in the x-ray machine, and then load it on to the conveyor belt while avoiding rogue luggage trolleys.

And in March, it released a game in which players helped Heather Mills collect the £24.3 million settlement she won following her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney by throwing water around a courtroom.

You can try your hand at helping this polar bear right here. Try this game.

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