Erin Popovich Helps Team USA Regain Supremacy At Beijing Paralympics

by Trendy

Erin Popovich has won six medals in six events to push her to the top of medal winners table at the Paralympics in Beijing. She also helped Team USA regain their supremacy of the swimming pool after it was lost to china at the Athens Paralympics meet in 2004. Popovich is a former Colorado State University student and currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is only 23 years of age and is already being called the Michael Phelps of the Paralympics. She is humbled at her comparison to Phelps and feels ‘honored’.

Erin Popovich set two World records and one Paralympic record during the Beijing Paralympics. She won gold medals in 200m individual medley SM7, 100m freestyle S7, 100m breaststroke SB7 and women’s 400m freestyle S7. Popovich was born with a genetic disorder called achondroplasia. This disorder leads to dwarfism and does not allow the arms and legs to grow fully. Popovich is currently about 4 feet 5 inches tall. This is what she had to say after her record breaking performances in Beijing –

“It’s a huge success for me. I’m very excited about what I did!”

“Swimming is really a huge part of my life,” said the 23-year-old. “It really helps to keep my life a lot more balanced, and gives me something to work hard at.”

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