Oprah Winfrey Calls On America To Support Senate Bill 1738 (Protect Our Children Act) To Protect Children From Child Predators

by Trendy

Oprah Winfrey today asked America to show support for Senate Bill 1738 on her daily show. The Senate Bill 1738 will come to the senate for voting very soon. The purpose of Senate Bill 1738 is

To establish a Special Counsel for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction within the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, to improve the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, to increase resources for regional computer forensic labs, and to make other improvements to increase the ability of law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute child predators.

Oprah showed a map that started with a red dot in washington and spread across the US map showing the number of pedofiles that trade pornographic images of children on the internet. Opray said “The number of predophiles and child pornographers online would literally blow your mind, and the demand is so high for new material that the videos and photographs are getting more brutal with younger and younger baby victims.”.

In 1993, the ‘Oprah Bill’ was passed in the Senate after Oprah Winfrey testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee asking for a national database of child predators to be created. In 2005, she launched the “Oprah’s Child Predator Watch List” that helped capture nine fugitives featured on her show. A $100,000 reward was also announced for citizens who would provide information on the whereabouts of those fugitives.

For more details on how bad the system to fight child predators is, head on to Oprah’s website at www.oprah.com. On the website you will also find information on how you can contact your area senator to support the Senate Bill 1738 – Protect Our Children Act. The bill can be viewed in its entirety at frwebgate.access.gpo.gov

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