Reliant Stadium Unfit To Host Houston Texans Vs Baltimore Ravens Monday Night Football Game Due To Hurricane Ike Damage, Game Moved To Week 10

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The Monday Night Football Game (September 15 2008 ) between Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens that was originally scheduled to be held on Sunday September 14 has now been moved to Week 10 of the season. The Originally scheduled game between Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans has been moved to Week 8.

Reliant stadium has sustained significant damage due to Hurricane Ike. Parts of Reliant Stadium’s roof was torn away by Ike in addition to structural damage. The Stadium would not have been fit enough to host the Ravens on Monday. It is still not clear if the stadium can be fixed in time for the Texans’ next game at home against the Indianapolis Colts.

The Ravens-Texans game originally scheduled to be played Sunday, then rescheduled to be played Monday night due to Hurricane Ike, will now be played in Week 10. The originally scheduled Bengals-Texans game in Week 10 has been moved to Week 8 (game time 4:05 p.m. ET), and the Bengals’ bye week moves to Week 10.

The storm tore chunks off the stadium’s retractable roof and the damage can’t be fixed in time to host the game, said Shea Guinn, the president and general manager of Reliant Park.

“There is no way this stadium will host a game on Monday night,” Guinn said Saturday. “There are parts of the roof that are completely gone.”

The retractable roof on the $352 million venue rolls open in nine sections. Guinn said five of the sections were missing and large pieces of debris had fallen into the stadium.

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