Savita Bhabhi Online Cartoon Series ( Of A Lonely Indian Housewife To Be Banned By Indian Government

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Conservative India is hooked to Savitha Bhabhi on the Internet. The online cartoon series stars a lonely indian housewife by the name of Savita Bhabhi, Who hates being alone when her husband is off to work. so she seduces anyone she can find. The online cartoon series sees Savita using her magic to lure men around her.

The Indian Government has now banned Fans of the Savita Bhabhi Cartoon series in India and other parts of the world can still gain complete access to Savita and her stories by going to

The website that hosts this adult cartoon series,, is owned by a company called the ‘Indian P*** Empire’. This name is definitely fictitious and the names of the creators of this cartoon series is unknown. This website is drawing thousands of visits every day from Indians around the world. Popularity of the website has grown by leaps and bounds and is currently ranked among the top websites of the world. Check here for its ranking on owned Alexa.

India is the land of the Kamasutra but today’s Indian society and unwritten laws about public behavior are very conservative. Not as conservative as some of the Islamic nations in the middle east, but conservative to a certain extent. Public display of affection and kissing in public are especially frowned upon and will draw the ire of religious conservatives.

The website currently has more than 30,000 registered users on its forums and language on the cartoon series can be read in a number of languages that include English, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada and Punjabi. A large number of parents and religious fundamentalists have now petitioned the Indian government to block this website in India. In a recent incident, a fifth grade student, apparently inspired by the online SavitaBhabhi series, sent obscene mesaages to his teacher. The government has now taken a very serious view on this and is all set to ban the online cartoon series.

According to TOI,

The Union Ministry of Information and Technology seems all set to pull the plug on Savita Bhabhi, the sultry housewife heroine of a comic strip on the Internet. According to a report in Metro Now, the site seems set to be sent to Error 404 screen by the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) of the ministry.

According to the ministry, complaints have been pouring in against the comic strip which is largely a tale of a bored, very hungry, and no-holds-barred housewife, depicted through the travails of her everyday situations in which all that she and her visitors dream of is copulating with each other.

Obviously, users inside India would still be able to get to the website by other means. The website is not hosted in India, therefore it would still be accessible to users outside the country. There are numerous internet proxies that would allow a user to bypass the regular route taken to reach a banned website. One such way for users to head to this website would be via a SavitaBhabhi Proxy on a popular Web Proxy called

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