New Obama Ad Targets McCain’s Computer Illiteracy While McCain Continues With ‘Celebrity’ Attacks On Obama

by Trendy

The Obama and McCain campaigns are out with new ads attacking each other. Barack Obama released a couple of new ads. The first ad says John McCain is out of touch with the economy and a self-confessed computer illiterate. He cannot even send an email by himself. This ad is mainly targeted at young voters who are tech savvy and well connected by Email, Social Networks, Instant messaging and of late, Twitter. Obama also released a second ad where he talks directly about ‘Change’.

Here are the two ads released by the Obama Campaign.



The McCain campaign continues the ‘Celebrity’ attacks on Barack Obama. The Ad starts by saying – “He was the world’s biggest celebrity but his stars are fading…” and goes on saying how Obama was disrespectful in calling Sarah Palin a liar. Here is the video of the new ad from McCain.


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