City Of Houston And Harris County Evacuation Zones, Zip Code Maps And Other Resources

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As Hurricane Ike picks up speed and grows into a bigger storm, the city of Houston and Harris County Emergency Management are beginning to evacuate residents. Handicapped residents, senior citizens and others with special needs are being evacuated this morning. Also, residents of low lying areas in the Houston area and Harris County will also start evacuating today following a mandatory evacuation order that has been issued. Hurricane Ike is expected to make landfall somewhere south of the Galveston and will bring with Hurricane 4 power winds and big wave surges. A mandatory evacuation order is also in place for the entire Galveston island and was issued by the Mayor of Galveston.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas has already put the National Guards of Texas on standby to help with the emergency situation created by the approaching hurricane Ike. He has also issued a disaster declaration for about 88 counties of Texas that are most likely to affected by the Hurricane. FEMA and other federal agencies are working hard to make sure that all emergency preparation are in place following President Bush’s declaration of emergency in the State of Texas.

Mayor Bill White Of Houston and a Harris County Judge Ed Emmett have issued orders for mandatory evacuations of residents living in Harris County zip codes 77586 (Zone A), 77058, 77059, 77062, 77520, 77546, 77571, 77598 (Zone B) beginning at noon today.

Here is the complete list of zip codes in the evacuation orders:

Zip-Zone Coastal
77541 77550 77551 77554 77617
77623 77650  
Zip-Zone A
77510 77518 77531 77539 77563
77565 77566 77568 77573 77577
77586 77590 77591  
Zip-Zone B
77058 77059 77062 77422 77507
77511 77515 77517 77520 77534
77546 77571 77598  
Zip-Zone C
77011 77012 77013 77015 77017
77023 77029 77034 77049 77061
77075 77087 77089 77480 77486
77502 77503 77504 77505 77506
77521 77530 77536 77547 77562
77578 77581 77583 77584 77587

Here is a Houston Area Zip Code map showing Houston Evacuation Zones and Harris County Evacuation Zones. Click on the map to view it in detail.

Also, please continue to check newly added evacuation zones and zip codes at City Of Houston’s website

Other Resources For Hurricane Ike Evacuations in Houston, Harris County and Galveston:

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