‘Chunnel’ English Channel Tunnel Fire Leads To Traffic Woes

by Trendy

A freight train travelling under the English Channel in the Channel Tunnel caught fire today bringing traffic to a standstill. The English Channel Tunnel, commonly called the ‘Chunnel’, connects the United Kingdom with France and is a 31 mile long undersea rail tunnel. The fire broke out near the french entrance of the chunnel. About 50 people were evacuated from the tunnel following fire alarm that went off at 2:55 pm UK time. No injuries have been reported.

The telegraph reports,

The fire is thought to have begun on a lorry which overturned, and around 30 people, mostly lorry drivers, were evacuated.

A spokeswoman for Eurotunnel said: “All the train drivers are safe. No-one is at risk, no customers are at risk.”

Eurostar said none of its trains were involved in the incident.

The incident is the biggest disruption to hit the tunnel since 200 people were stranded after a power cut in August last year which left several hundred passengers stranded for hours.

For more on the Chunnel and its history, go to this Wikipedia page on the English channel tunnel.

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