‘Bush Doctrine’ And Foreign Policy Prove To Be Difficult Subjects For Sarah Palin During Charlie Gibson – Sarah Palin Interview On ABC

by Trendy

Ok, so Sarah Palin does not know what the ‘Bush Doctrine’ is. Neither do i. But hey i am not in the running to be the next Vice-president of the United States!!

Sarah Palin was stumped when Charles Gibson of ABC news asked her what she thought of the ‘Bush Doctrine’. Palin answered something just for the sake of saying something and then Gibson had to make clear what the ‘Bush Doctrine’ really is.

Here is a video of Sarah Palin’s interview with Charles Gibson of ABC news showing the part of interview where she is clueless.


Ilan Goldenberg doubts if Palin is ready to represent the US on the world stage and writes :

Clearly Palin did not have the foggiest idea what Gibson meant. This is absolutely huge. The Bush doctrine of preemption and the National Security Strategy of 2002 was the central element of debate for almost 2 years in the foreign policy community and in the country during the run up to the invasion of Iraq and in the years after. It was probably the single greatest shift in U.S. foreign policy in a generation.

There were pages and pages of ink spilled on this and it took up hours of debate. It was a central issue in the 2004 campaign. For her to not know what it is, raises serious questions about her experience and preparation to potentially be the leader of the free world.

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