Cheerleader Banned From Moving, SMU To Allow Cheerleader Jamie Burns To Only Clad From The Sidelines Due To Her Pacemaker

by Trendy

Jamie Burns received a cheerleading scholarship from SMU for her cheerleading skills. But SMU has now banned Jamie Burns from participating with her squad in cheerleading except for clapping from the sidelines. Jamie Burns had a pacemaker put in due to a heart problem five years ago. SMU says that as her heart condition is not covered by their insurance she will not be allowed to move her feet, jump in the air or kick her legs. Burns and her family are outraged at this ban from SMU. Burns’ cardiologist also released forms to SMU stating that her heart condition is now under control and that she is fully fit to do intense cheerleading and participate in team cheerleading. But SMU refuses to change their decision and says that her case will be reviewed.

She will still get to keep her scholarship but cannot perform anything else other than clapping her hands. Jamie Burns is not happy with this decision and says,

“Cheerleading has been my life,” Jamie said. “I’ve always pushed myself to get better in tumbling, jumps — everything.”

“It’s not right,” she said. “If they didn’t want me to cheer they should have said it at the beginning and not get my hopes up as far as they have now.”

CNN covered this story and here is a CNN video on the Jamie Burns ban.

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