Ford Fiesta Econetic, With A Gas Mileage Of 65 Mpg, Will Not Be Sold In The US

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Believe it or not, but Ford Motors is trying real hard to compete with the likes of Toyota and Honda to produce better fuel efficient cars. One such car that Ford is coming out with is the 5-seater Ford Fiesta Econetic. This new model from Ford is said to be very fuel efficient and delivers a 65 miles per gallon gas mileage. But the bad news is that this car will never be sold in the US while is getting ready for its launch in Europe this November.

The Ford Fiesta Econetic is a diesel fuelled car and that is one of the main reasons why US consumers would be unable to get their hands on this car. Diesel costs in the US are almost up to a dollar more than regular gas due to extra taxes levied on Diesel. The car will be completely built in Europe and importing the car into the US would make it available to consumers for about $25,000. This price is very close to what the Toyota Prius hybrid sells for but the fact that it runs on Diesel makes the car more expensive to run and maintain. Honda recently announced the launch of their new Honda Insight Hybrid. The Honda Insight Hybrid will sell for only $18,500.

According to a Ford press release,

The Fiesta ECOnetic becomes the most fuel efficient new five-seater family car in the UK. With CO2 emissions at under 100g/km, Ford Fiesta ECOnetic is zero rated both for road tax (Vehicle Excise Duty) and for the ‘showroom tax’ element of VED introduced for the first year of ownership in this year’s Budget.

Aerodynamic body styling, lowered suspension, low resistance tyres and low friction oil all help the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic achieve ultra low CO2 emissions. Additionally a green shift indicator in the instrument cluster highlights the optimal point to change gear to maximise fuel economy.

[Via : BusinessWeek]

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