Women In Red Racers (WIRR) – Online Support Group To Help People In Debt

by Trendy

Women In Red Racers in an online support group where members are ‘Racing’ to pay off their debt as soon as possible. The Women in Red Racers online message board helps members, mostly women, to interact with each other and talk about their debt related problems. The WIRR board is hosted by MSN columnist MP Dunleavey and was founded by Becky Purvis of Raleigh, North Carolina.

As per the ‘welcome thread’ of the WIRR message board, the idea is “to be honest about your problems, willing to work hard, open to feedback and eager to change some of the bad habits that (maybe!) have been getting in your way”.

When Becky Purvis started the online group, she was $25,000 in debt and wanted to help herself and inspire others to get rid of all their debt. Her rules on the board were simple :

* Tally your debts and post them for all to see. Some people included mortgage debt; some didn’t.
* Post monthly updates about how much you paid down — or didn’t.
* Don’t give up.

The group started with about 80 women with a collective debt of $2.8 million and one person was charged with responsibility of maintaining a spreadsheet with everyone’s debt information and how much they were paying as debt payments. The group members helped each other out by pointing out ways in which they can save money and inspired each other to save more and pay off their debt faster.

Many members are now paying off their debt faster than they thought and are thanking the WIRR board in helping them do this. For more on the WIRR and to read stories of members of the group, head to this “Meet the Women In Red” page on MSN money.

The Women in Red Racers group was recently featured on MSNBC’s ‘The Today Show’. Here is a video on WIRR.

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