Kawasaki 704 Eyeglass Frames Made Popular By Sarah Palin Is Now On Everyone’s Shopping List

by Trendy

Well, not everyone in America, but a whole lot of people are now wanting to get themselves the rectangular rimless glass frames designed by Kazuo Kawasaki. Sarah Palin might just as well sign up as Kawasaki’s brand ambassador as she is the one responsible for this huge demand for Kawasaki 704 eyeglass frames.

The Kawasaki 704 eyeglass frame is very lightweight and made from titanium. The no-rim frame gives it a classy and trendy look. The exact model that Sarah Palin wears are the 34 grey of the 704 series. Seeing the huge demand for this particular model, the Kawasaki website has promoted this model to the home page of their website.

The Kawasaki 704 eyeglass frames are currently available here and are listed for $252.99 . The original price on this item is $370, so i wonder why this retailer is selling them at a discount of $117 especially when there is such a huge demand for it.

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