Bill Belichick News Conference Confirms New England Patriots QB Tom Brady Out For Rest Of The Season Due To Knee Injury

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An expressionless Bill Belichick today confirmed in a press conference that the New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady’s knee injury is very serious and that he will miss the rest of this season. The MVP of last season was hit on the knee by Bernard Pollard of the Kansas City Chiefs during the Patriots’ season opener against the Chiefs.

Belichich stopped just short of criticizing the on field referees, Mike Pereira and his crew, during the press conference. Belichich said,

But unlike others who are categorically saying that the hit on Brady’s leg was a totally legit play, Billy B left that branch out there swinging for someone to jump from. He said that any review would and should be done by the league, but HIS players are all told that the only way to tackle a quarterback is between the top of the knee to the shoulder.

The Bill Belichich Press Conference video can be viewed at New England Patriots’ Official Website.

The hopes of the patriots to win yet another Super Bowl are now severely dented. Whether Matt Cassel is still the preferred QB to take up Brady’s job is not known yet as there have been reports that free agent Quarterback Chris Simms is being interviewed by the patriots. The exit of Tom Brady has thrown up wild possibilities for the AFC East division. Brett Favre’s new team, the New York Giants, and the Buffalo Bills will now have better hopes of clinching a playoff spot.

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