UFC 88 Results : Chuck Lidell VS Rashad Evans Matchup Sees Evans In a Bill Gates Mug Shot T-Shirt And Beating Lidell

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Rashad Evans walked out for his UFC 88 match against Chuck Lidell in a t-shirt similar to the one shown above. The shirt had the famous Bill Gates mug shot from Gates’ traffic violation arrest in New Mexico, back in 1977. If you want a similar Bill Gates Mug Shot t-shirt, go to Yque.com, where it sells for $15 and is available in a variety of colors.

Rashad Evans knocked out Chuck Lidell in the UFC light heavyweight division match tonight and is now sitting pretty at the top of the division.

Rashad Evans shot himself straight to the top of the long list of challengers in the UFC’s light heavyweight division with a devastating knockout win over the sport of MMA’s top name and former champion, Chuck Liddell, Saturday night.

After a close opening round of their UFC 88 main event in Atlanta, Georgia Liddell appeared restless and eager to close in on Evans with strikes.

But it was Evans, a former Michigan State wrestler, that made an impact with his fists in the second round as he connected with an overhand right flush to the jaw of Liddell, knocking him unconscious immediately. Evans threw a jab fake at Liddell before unleashing his right hand just as Liddell himself loaded up on an uppercut that landed a millisecond too late to the arm pit of Evans.

[Via : Fox Sports]

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