‘Calendar Man’ Mareesh Takes Only 4.5 Seconds To Set New Perpetual Calendar World Record

by Trendy

No, he is not Batman’s enemy. This is Mareesh N of Chennai, India, who has just set a world record in ‘Day Guessing’. Mareesh is the first in the world to have attempted to calculate and figure out the exact weekday of a given date in a period of 100,000 years without the use of any electronics. Mareesh is currently an analyst working for IT giant Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Mareesh correctly answered Wednesday as the weekday for November 5, 92510 in the super memory contest, ‘Perpetual Calendar’. He only took 4.5 seconds and bettered the previous best record of 10.45 minutes set by another indian, Pawan Kumar Srivastava.

Facing the formidable task of having to recall the day of 20 random dates ranging over a period of one lakh years (3.65 crore days), N Mareesh from Virudhunagar, a programmer and analyst at Cognizant took just one minute and thirty seconds and shattered the existing record of 10.45 minutes for a period ranging over 60,000 years set by Pawan Kumar Srivastava of Uttar Pradesh. In fact, Mareesh became the first person in the world to attempt a record for one lakh dates. The record was for ‘perpetual calendar’, a super memory contest where participants reel out dates, days of the week and months of the year when given a particular date, day or month

The jury comprising S Audiseshiah, Principal secretary, PWD, Rangathan, IRS, DIG-Income Tax Dr John Morais, principal, Guru Nanak college, also gave him another combination where he had to provide the month that a given day fell in. For example, he was given ‘Sunday, 31, 91308’ (day, date and month) and he reeled out the anwer ‘No month’ in just about 14.60 seconds.

[via : Times Of India]

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