Video : Russian Athlete Ivan Ukhov Tries To Do A High Jump After Getting Drunk At Athletissima Meet

by Trendy

A Russian Athlete Ivan Ukhov is in trouble after getting drunk during the Athletissima meet in Switzerland. Ivan was under the influence of alcohol and is understood to have been drinking Vodka with Red Bull in the middle of the competition. The Athlete failed every attempt while trying to do a high jump. After a number of attempts, he was asked to stop and leave the Athletissima meet. He has now been asked for an explanation by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). The IAAF is sure to impose a fine with a possible ban on Ivan Ukhov.

Ivan Ukhov was the 2005 European Champion of the High Jump event.

[Via : International Herald Tribune]

Here are a couple of videos showing Ivan Ukhov intoxicated and attempting his high humps. It is actually very hilarious watching the drunk athlete struggling to even stand on his feet.



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