USS Mount Whitney Brings Aid To Georgia Under ‘Operation Assured Delivery’

by Trendy

Following Russian aggression in Georgia, the United States started ‘Operation Assured Delivery’ to bring humanitarian assistance to the civilian population in Georgia. As part of this humanitarian support from the United State, USS Mount Whitney (Picture above) has now reached the Georgian port of Poti with 17 tons of aid blankets, juice, and powdered milk among other things. The USS Mount Whitney is part of the Sixth fleet of the United States Navy and is probably the most advanced warship in the world.

Before USS Mount Whitney, aid has already been sent from the US via USS McFaul and U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Dallas (USCGC Dallas).

For more information on this check out the press release from the Headquarters of the United States European Command.

Russia is unhappy with the USS Mount Whitney entering Georgia. Russia feels that this is a show of power by the United States by bringing its top warship into the Baltic region and that this will only serve in further escalating the tensions between Russia and the US.

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