Super Suppers, A DIY Prep Kitchen, Can Help Save Money On Groceries

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Super Savers is a Do-it-Yourself prep kitchen where one can step in and put together their supper meals. Super Savers was started by Judie Byrd who is also the host of Judie Byrd’s Kitchen, a show that airs on Family Net Cable TV every saturday morning.

Super Savers is a meal-prep chain where you can go in and prepare anywhere from 6 to 12 entrees sufficient to feed a family of six! All this can be accomplished in just 2 hours and you get to take home everything you made for a price, which would be way less compared to the cost of groceries and time that you would have put in if you were to do it all by yourself. The Super Savers stores change their menu every month so ensure you and your family get a whole lot of variety and different kinds of food to taste. Dads and Children are also welcome here and can learn to prep their meals.

According to a press release from Super Savers, an average American family throws away 14% of their annual food purchases.

According to the University of Arizona, on average, a family of four wastes 14 percent of its food purchases annually, including about $590 worth of meat, fruits, vegetables and grains alone. The reason for this waste can be attributed to lack of planning, inefficiency in the food preparation and serving process and America’s general resistance to eating leftovers.

The meal assembly industry, with providers such as Super Suppers, allows customers to purchase complete “Take n’ Bake” entrées and meals instead of the costly individual ingredients and materials that go in to the meal. A June 2008 analysis of grocery prices found that consumers can save between $1 and $7 per serving on several of Super Suppers’ entrées, including Asian Flank Steak, Lemon Tarragon White Fish Fillets with Herbed Vegetable Rice Pilaf and Pecan Praline Chicken, versus the cost of buying all of the materials and ingredients needed to prepare the same meal for a family of four. Savings on Super Suppers versus groceries could be as dramatic as $30 per meal for a family of four.

Super Suppers is cheaper than restaurants, too. An analysis of the cost of feeding a family of four a large-sized Take n’ Bake Super Suppers’ entrée (about $24 in most stores) with two sides and bread could save a family as much as $25 per meal versus the price of buying four entrées and sides and paying tax and tip at a sit-down restaurant, according to Super Suppers’ research.

To get more information on how to save money and still enjoy delicious meals, check out the Super Savers website at Their FAQ is here. Start by searching for a Super Supper store close to where you live by going here.

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