Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend 2008 (Alaska PFD) Amount For Every Alaska Resident Is A Record $3,269

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The 2008 Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Amount is $3,269.00. This also includes a one time Alaska Resoucre Rebate of $1200.

About 600,000 residents of Alaska will receive the Alaska PFD check and will go a long way in boosting the Alaskan economy especially in rural areas. Every Alaska resident receives this dividend from the Alaska permament fund which is a savings account with $36 billion earned from oil produced in Alaska.

According to wiki,

The Alaska Permanent Fund is a constitutionally established fund, managed by a semi-independent corporation, established by Alaska in 1976. Shortly after the oil from Alaska’s North Slope began flowing to market through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, the Permanent Fund was created by an amendment to the constitution of the U.S. state of Alaska to be an investment for at least 25% of proceeds from some minerals [such as oil and gas] sale or royalties. The Fund does not include either property taxes on oil company property nor income tax from oil corporations, so the minimum 25% deposit is closer to 11% if those sources were also considered. The Alaska Permanent Fund sets aside a certain share of oil revenues to continue benefiting current and all future generations of Alaskans. Many citizens also believed that the legislature too quickly and too inefficiently spent the $900 million bonus the state got in 1969 after leasing out the oil fields. This belief spurred a desire to put some oil revenues out of direct political control.

The dividend payment from the Alaska Permanent Fund has risen significantly over the years. Last year the divided amount was $1,654 and comparing that to the 2008 dividend payment means there has been an increase of 97.64%. Take a look below to see how the dividend payment has drastically improved over the last few years.

For more visit the State Of Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Division website.

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