Sarah Palin Teleprompter Problems : Sarah Palin Wins Republican Hearts Inspite Of a Broken Teleprompter

by Trendy

According to the McCain campaign, the teleprompter placed in front Sarah Palin during her speech last night malfunctioned. The teleprompter is supposed to pause when the audience applauds and should begin scrolling when the speaker is ready to talk again. But apparently during last night’s Palin speech, it started malfunctioning. Sarah Palin, the wonderful speaker that she is, still managed to give a rousing speech winning republicans around the country. The relatively unknown Alaska governor showed her wonderful oratory and public speaking skills in spite of a broken teleprompter. The teleprompter had also malfunctioned earlier when former mayor Rudy Giuliani took the stage. Giuliani began to struggle for words and his speech started to go haywire.

Sarah Palin also proved that small town politicians are also smart and can stand up strong on a national stage like this. Here is the video from last night’s Sarah Palin speech at the Republican National Convention.


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