‘Ocho Cinco’ Officially Recognised By Cincinnati Bengals, Chad Johnson Can Now Wear Ocho Cinco 85 Jersey

by Trendy

The Cincinnati Bengals are ready to embrace wide receiver Chad Johnson as Ocho Cinco. Chad Johnson recently changed his name legally to Ocho Cinco in Florida. Ocho Cinco in Spanish means eight five referring to his jersey number.

The Bengals made this known in an official announcement today.

Effective today, the Bengals begin the process of listing the former Chad Johnson as Chad Ocho Cinco for all club business, per the legal change of his surname effected in Florida.

The list of appropriate changes will include Ocho Cinco wearing his new surname on the back of his jersey for Sunday’s season opener at Baltimore.

Chad Johnson was penalized by the National Football League during the 2006 season for replacing ‘Johnson’ on his jersey to ‘Ocho Cinco’. He was let go by the NFL with a $5000 fine. Johnson was fined again by the NFL when he displayed a sign that read “Please NFL : Dont Fine Me Again!!” Johnson has always been known for his antics on the field and off of it. Stay rest assured that ‘Ocho Cinco’ will continue to entertain us as before.

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