Sarah Palin Speech Scheduled Time is 10 PM ET. Take A Look At Today’s RNC Schedule.

by Trendy

John McCain’s vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin will take center stage today at the GOP Republican National Convention at Excel Energy Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Sarah Palin speech time has been scheduled for prime time at 10 PM ET. This speech will be watched by a massive audience as America tries to know more about the relatively unknown Alaska governor.

Here are the names of important speakers scheduled to speak at the republican convention on wednesday, September 3 2009. The exact time at which these speakers will give their speeches is unknown. Stay tuned to the GOP convention website as the complete schedule with time is expected to be announced soon.

  • Former Governor Mike Huckabee Of Arkansas
  • Former Governor Mitt Romney Of Massachusetts
  • Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani Of New York
  • Alaska Governor And Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin

You can also take a look at videos from speeches of previous nights at the GOP convention at the convention website. Videos of speeches of President George W. Bush, Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman have been posted.

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