Sarah Palin Social Security Number Released In Democratic Opposition Research File To The Press

by Trendy

It is being reported that Sarah Palin’s social security number and her personal details have been released to the press. The Politico is an organization that reports on National politics. They are now in possession of a Democratic opposition research file that has sensitive personal information of McCain’s running mate and Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Apparently the Social Security Number and personal details of Palin are in a opposition research file that was created by Democrats in Alaska. The Politico is not giving out the name of the source from whom this file was received.

According to an update posted on, the file was not obtained from any Alaska Democrats.

The Alaska Democratic Party says it did not release the information. From Ben Smith, at the Politico, I got this:

Our story doesn’t say that “Alaska Democrats” gave us that document. It was a document prepared for Tony Knowles two years ago. We haven’t revealed our source.

You should also note that it’s a partially REDACTED social security number. That seems relevant. If less sensational. It’s missing four digits.

Social Security Numbers in this country are considered to be extremely sensitive personal information. A stolen SSN can bring enormous financial losses to a person. Cases of computer hackers stealing thousands of Social Security Numbers has now become very common.

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