Vetting Process On Sarah Palin Was Complete And Thorough Says John McCain

by Trendy

Senator John McCain has spoken about the pregnancy of Sarah Palin’s unwed daughter Bristol Palin. According to a CBS4 news article, McCain responded to questions about Sarah Palin’s daughter in Philly today.

John McCain responded to questions about the vetting of his running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, R-Alaska, for the first time today during a visit to a fire station here. When asked if his vetting process was thorough enough, McCain said that is was.

“The vetting process was thorough and I am grateful for the results,” McCain said.

McCain’s campaign has admitted that he only met with Palin a handful of times before she was placed on the ticket. Revelations about her membership in the Alaska Independence Party, her husband’s DUI arrest 20 years ago, and her daughter’s pregnancy at 17 have become distractions during the week of the Republican convention.

Definition Of ‘Vetting’

The dictionary definition for ‘Vetting’ is usually associated with veterinarians, but in the case of ‘vetting’ a politician it can simply be put as “to appraise, verify, or check for accuracy, authenticity, validity”.

John McCain’s staff would have definitely put in a lot of time in verifying and checking out Sarah Palin’s background and her family history. I am sure every member of her family would have been scrutinized as much as possible so as to make sure they don’t miss anything that might later come back and bite them. Barack Obama has already said that families and especially children are off-limits and that they should be kept away from political mud slinging. He also went to extent of saying that he will fire his staff if they get involved in such acts.

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