Flight Aware Lets You Track Live Air Flights On Their Website FlightAware.com

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If you were following the news today then you might have heard about the emergency landing of American Airlines Flight AAL 1586 at LAX airport. The flight was a Boeing 737 carrying 140 people on board. One of the tires of the aircraft had blown up during take off and the pilots requested emergency landing back at LAX. The flight was headed from Los Angeles to Toronto.

You could have tracked the AAL 1586 aircraft live in the air on FlightAware.com, if you were aware of this free service. FlightAware was founded in March of 2005 and has been offering “free flight tracking services for both private and commercial air traffic in the United States”. Type in the url FlightAware.com/Live in your browser and you can track any flight currently in the air. You can tracks flights from any airport in the US or track flights by airline.

For example, take a look at the live tracking of American Airlines Flight AAL 1586.

You can see how many times the aircraft circled the area before it finally made the emergency landing without any mishaps. FlightAware.com is a great resource, use it the next time a dear one is flying to take a look at where they are in real time.

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