Do Thousands Of Searches For Sarah Palin Hot Photos On The Internet Make Sarah Palin The First Politician Sex Symbol?

by Trendy

Americans are going crazy on the world wide web searching for information on McCain’s VP pick, Sarah Palin. The relatively unknown Alaska governor was the most searched name over the labor weekend as Americans tried to gather more information about the new potential vice president. Given that Sarah Palin is pretty and a former beauty pageant contestant, she is also probably now America’s latest sex symbol. The number of searches on search engines for Sarah Palin’s hot photos, Sarah Palin Beauty Pageant photos and Sarah Palin scandal have sky rocketed of late. The rumors about Palin faking her pregnancy and the real news about her daughter Bristol Palin’s pregnancy has further driven searches for her name on popular search engines higher up.

Some folks have also started morphing sexy and revealing pictures of other women with Sarah Palin’s face. Here a couple of pictures that are definitely fake.

Here is a chart from Google Trends showing the exponential growth that Google has witnessed in the search for “Sarah Palin Hot”.

Data clearly indicates that Sarah Palin is now America’s latest sex symbol. Hopefully her appearance and speech at the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota will bring back the attention of voters from her face and body to her credentials.

…And anyway as we are talking about Sarah Palin photos here are couple of real ones from Sarah Palin’s beauty pageant days.

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