Bristol Palin Drinking? Levi Johnston Myspace Profile Says He Does Not Want Kids!

by Trendy

Things are getting difficult by the minute for the Mccain-palin campaign staff. They must begin to hate the internet now. The rumors about Bristol Palin just don’t seem to stop. Surfacing now are new pictures on the internet that show Bristol Palin drinking. Whether these pictures are true and if the girl in the pictures is Bristol Palin is unclear. Decide for yourself by heading over here. Some say the girl is not Bristol Palin and some say it is either Levi Johnston’s sister or some other unknown girl.

Also in the news is Levi Johnston and his wild ways. Levi Johnston’s MySpace page had the following details on his outlook on life before it was all over the internet.

His MySpace page revealed juicy details about his outlook on life before he made it private. In it, he admits, “I’m a f**kin’ redneck who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes. But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some sh*t and just f**kin’ chillin’ I guess. Ya f*ck with me I’ll kick ass.”

Here is a current snapshot of Levi Johnston’s MySpace profile page.

Levi Johnston took out all his quotes (above) on life from his MySpace page, but he forgot to make the correction in his personal details space. He says that he loves kids but that kids are not for him. Well, with all the attention and the fact that his personal life is now in the full view of the world, he might not have any other choice but marry Bristol Palin and accept their baby. Here is a snapshot of his details space from his MySpace page.

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