Terressentials – A Middletown, Maryland Organic Products Shop Featured On Mike Rowe’s ‘Dirty Jobs’ Series

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Terressentials is a local Middletown, MD business that is co-owned by Jim Hahn and Kaye Hahn. Terressentials “hand-crafts a wide range of certified organic products: organic skin care, organic hair care, organic baby products, and other goods made with certified organic herbs and certified organic essential oils”.

Terressentials has now been featured on Discovery Channels popular series – Mike Rowe’s ‘Dirty Jobs’. Usually the ‘Dirty Jobs’ series shows Mike Rowe’s getting his hands and body dirty performing odd jobs. Well, the jobs are not really odd, they are just jobs that regular people do and involves getting dirty physically.

The hair wash (shampoo) product of terressentials was showcased on the discovery show. Gazette.net says

The hair wash (not shampoo – Kaye and Hahn do not like to associate their organic product with conventional synthetic shampoos) is created using imported Moroccan clay as the main ingredient. When the clay mixes with water, it creates a gel that cleanses hair, and, as such, the episode is able to involve dirt but actually be about cleanliness. Every step of creating the hair wash, from mixing the clay to adding essential oils, to bottling it, is sanitary.

“It was a lot of fun because we get dirty a lot on the show, and it’s a very ironic show we did at Terressentials because, yes, we’re using dirt, but we’re using it to get clean. Who knew dirt could be used to clean yourself?” explained “Dirty Jobs” field director Dave Barsky. “It’s not one of the dirty jobs you think of immediately, it’s one of those ones we call ‘who knew.’ It’s ironic, actually, and a plus is it actually works. In fact, I’ve used it every day ever since we shot. It actually works better than other shampoos.”

For frequently asked questions about Terressentials, go to ther FAQ page. For more information about the TERRESSENTIALS Pure Earth Hair Wash product that was showcased on ‘Dirty Jobs’, go to their Hair wash page. You will also find price details on this page.

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