Levi Johnston Is The ‘Daddy’ Responsible For Sarah Palin’s Daughter Bristol Palin’s Pregnancy

by Trendy

Levi Johnston is the father of Bristol Palin’s baby, it has been revealed. Levi Johnston graduated from the same high school where Bristol Palin is currently enrolled as a senior. Levi was a popular hockey player at school and Bristol was often seen in hockey games cheering her boyfriend.

According to nydailynews, Levi Johnston’s mother Jennie Johnston says the couple are already engaged.

In her own words,Wasilla mom Jennie Johnston, whose son Jade played hockey with Levi, saw the young couple in January at a game.

“She was in a cute little outfit like young girls wear,” said Jennie Johnston, who is not related to Levi Johnston. “She was with Levi.”

She said her son told her the two were already engaged.

“They’ve been together quite a while, more than a year,” she said. “I hope everything comes out well. These are local kids.”

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