Tropical Storm Hannah Projected Path Updated By National Hurricane Center, Tropical Storm Hanna Is Now Very Likely To Hit Florida And Georgia

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Tropical Storm Hanna projected path now updated and likely to hit florida and georgia

The National Hurricane Center has made a major update to the Tropical Storm Hanna Projected Path. Earlier the NHC had stated that Tropical Storm Hannah’s projected path showed that the storm might not make landfall at all. The National Hurricane Center is now forecasting that the storm has made a 180 degree turn and as the above map shows, Florida and Georgia are well within sights of tropical storm hanna.

Forecasters are not too sure about their latest forecast either. Computer models that help forecasting tropical storms and hurricanes look very confused and will most likely not give an accurate prediction on the projected path of tropical storm hanna until the storm is really close. According to the Orlando Sentinel,

The computer models are bamboozled. They’re not sure whether a ridge of high pressure over the Eastern United States will weaken and allow Hanna to turn north over the next few days.

Saturday evening, Hanna was about 800 miles southeast of Fort Lauderdale, lumbering northwest with sustained winds of 50 mph. If the storm were to approach the state, its arrival likely would be Friday or Saturday.

The smart thing to do is just keep an eye on Hanna.

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