Sarah Palin Pregnancy Was Fake? Sarah Palin’s 4 Month Old Baby Trig Is Bristol Palin’s?

by Trendy

Sarah Palin Governon of alaska faked her pregnancy after bristol palin became pregnant

Its been 2 days since John McCain picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate. Sarah Palin is now facing her first challenge as rumors on the internet are threatening all her credibility and truthfulness.

Trig Palin is the son of alaska governon sarah palin

If rumors on the internet are to be believed, the 4 month old infant baby Trig Palin (picture above), Who Sarah Palin introduced as her baby is actually her daughter Bristol Palin’s (picture below) baby. Trig Palin has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and was seen in the hands of Bristol Palin when the entire family was introduced by Sarah Palin. It is being said that Sarah Palin pretended to be pregnant and not even her own staff were aware of the pregnancy until she was seven months into the pregnancy. According to Bristol’s classmates at school she was beginning to show a small bump and had missed 5 months of her school owing to what her family described as a “bad case of mono”.

Bristol Palin is the daughter of vice presidential candidates sarah palin

This whole drama involving Sarah Palin and her fake pregnancy reminds me of Bree Hodge of Desperate Housewives who also pretended to be pregnant to hide her daughter’s pregnancy.

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