Angola Prison (The Farm) Is Where You Will End Up If You Engage In Looting Warns New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Ahead Of Hurricane Gustav

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Mayor ray nagin says looters will be sent directly to angola prison when hurricane gustav makes landfall

Wide spread looting was witnessed in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina made landfall 3 years ago. The government is taking all steps to ensure that looters do not have a field day this time when Hurricane Gustav strikes. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has warned that looters will not be spared this time and anyone engaging in looting will be sent to jail.

“Looters will go directly to jail,” New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin vowed at a Sunday morning press conference.

“You will not get a pass this time. Anyone caught looting in New Orleans will go directly to the Big House in the general population. You will go directly to Angola Prison and God bless you if you go there.”

Angola Prison is popularly known as “the farm” and sits close to the Louisiana border with Mississippi. It is also one of the biggest jails in the United States and houses more than 5000 inmates.

[Via : AFP]

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