WWW.Earn45K.com From Cosmos Infomedia Is A Scam – Avoid It And Do Not Spend Any Money On Earn45K

by Trendy

www.earn45k.com from cosmos infomedia is a big scam. earn45k and www.earn45k.net are some of the domain names and websites used by the company to scam people. Scamsters always come up with new ponzi and pyramid schemes. Dictionary definition for Ponzi schemes is “a swindle in which a quick return, made up of money from new investors, on an initial investment lures the victim into much bigger risks.”

www.Earn45k.com from a company called Cosmos Infomedia of Mumbai, India is definitely a scam. Cosmos Infomedia calls itself “The Home Based Business Development And Research Centre”. Earn45K is a mail order businees scheme, where you will have to first register as an employee of the company and then send out mail for promotions of products. The company says it will train its newly registered employees and then send them all the required materials for sending out promotions by postal mail. All this is possible only after you send them the Rs.586 ($14) to enroll your name in their employees list. As per the info posted on www.earn45k.com,

REGARDING THE WORK: – As the company is dealing with different types of MAIL ORDER PUBLICATIONS & BOOKS, everyday it is recruiting people for work. After becoming the registered Employee of the company, you\’ll be provided with the necessary material & kit, which you\’ll need to start MAIL ORDER BUSINESS (MOB) with that kit, you\’ll be given some important papers forms etc. and all the information regarding how to start MOB. All you\’ve to do is write/type something about the company\’s product, so that its demand increases, these letters are called PROMOTIONAL LETTERS. The company will provide all the information to write the promotional letter (You don’t have to write the promotional letter every time, you can take a photocopy of one successful promotional letter), after writing the promotional letter you have to attach the promotional letters with the other papers and forms of the company, put it in the envelope write the address and post it.

TO WHOM YOU\’LL POST LETTER: – Dear customer the material & book which you\’ll get from our head office will give you all the information about the list of people to whom you\’ll send these letters. A dealer gets around 100 to 200 addresses every day. Surprisingly, You don\’t have to search for people everyday. So don\’t Worry for the addresses, just read all the material & books carefully, which you will recieve within 20 days.just follow all the instructions given in the cosmos guidelines.

POSTAGE STAMP & ENVELOPE COST: – Don\’t worry for any postage stamp and envelope cost. There are different methods of doing the business wherein you would receive the envelopes along with the stamps free of cost. All these methods are explained in detail in the business kit. Here everything is arranged for you and that\’s why it is the best part time job ever found which people like to do. In the starting at least 3 to 4 hrs. a day will require for understanding the work, and there is no end for this business. You can start and stop it whenever you want. Good thing is that no one wants to stop because it\’s very PROFITABLE.

FOR WHAT YOU\’LL PAY Rs. 586/-: – Dear customer, we\’re taking Rs.586/- from you to enroll your name in the employees list of the company as a registered MOB employee which needs many processing\’s, and also for the important materials and books containing vital information regarding peoples addresses and how to get free postage stamp etc. and many important information which you will need to start MOB WITHIN 20 DAYS.

All this information has the makings of a classic scam. Many people across the world have already fallen for this and lost their money. A google search will come up with many blogs and websites explaining how earn45k scams everyone. one such forum where i found affected people discussing about this scam is on Rediff.com.

Another indication that this is a fraud scheme is the contact info on the WhoIS page of www.earn45k.com. Here is the contact info from the WhoIs page of www.earn45k.com

clifton ( Email address protected from spam harvesters)
club of velsao,Irani bldg,RNo .43
Tel. +022.640000

Mumbai probably had 6 digits for a local landline number more than 5 years ago. This contact information is completely different from the contact address on the earn45k.com website.

If making money was really so easy, wouldn’t everyone just do this and nothing else. There are no shortcuts to making money in this world and if someone is promising you exactly that then they are in the business of scamming people. Please stay away from all these scam sites and save your hard earned money.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by this scam or any other such scam, please let us know with your comments below.

Due to the extremely large number of people asking for help and recourse action in the comments section, I would suggest everyone who is a victim of the Earn45 fraud, to call the Indian Cyber Crime Division at 1800 209 6789. Even though Cosmos Infomedia may not fully be online based, the fact that they are using their website www.earn45k.com to promote their fraudulent schemes does constitute as a cyber crime. I’ve also heard from some folks that going to your nearest police station and filing a complaint may help. If any of you has already tried this, please share your experiences in the comment section so that other readers and victims of this fraud can also benefit from your experience.

**Update** – According to TimesOfIndia, the mumbai police have now arrested the masterminds behind this scam – Arvind Ojha & Crypton Mirinda. (Thanks Pallav for leaving a comment about this update).

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