Video : Serena Williams And Venus Williams To Take On Peyton Manning And Eli Manning In Double Stuf Racing League (DSRL)

by Trendy

Oreo’s Double Stuf Racing League has become even more popular now with the entry of the Williams sisters – Serena Williams and Venus Williams. The Double Stuf Racing League or the DSRL, as it is popularly called, is a “Fierce competition to see who’s fastest to twist, lick and dunk their Oreo cookie.”

This new advertising campaign from Oreo is definitely turning out to be a popular one. It had already roped in Superbowl winning champion brothers Peyton Manning and Eli Manning earlier in the year. Now they have thrown more money around and brought tennis stars – Serena Williams and Venus Williams also into the fold. Wait for a whole new bunch of ads to hit television once football season and the US open are in full swing.

Here is a video of the recent ad featuring the Williams sisters against the Manning brothers.


Here is the video showing the manning brothers announcing them joining the DSRL and making history:


Here is a video with some behind the scenes interviews from Archie Manning, Olivia Manning, Eli Manning and Peyton Manning.


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