Taylor Bebop From Oklahoma – Who Is Taylor Bebop?

by Trendy

Taylor bebop makes videos on youtube and myspace and is very popular among teenagers.

Taylor bebop is a 16 year old teenager from Oklahoma who makes short videos and posts them on YouTube and MySpace. In her own words, “I make really pointless videos. Go ahead and comment about how stupid they are. I’ll agree”. Teenagers find her pointless and childlike humor interesting and watch her videos in huge numbers.

Here hairstyle and necklaces are very popular among the viewers of her videos and many of them try her hairstyle on to look like her. Taylor bebop is fast becoming an internet celebrity and i think she should act fast and cash in on her new found celebrity status.

Here are some Taylor Bebop videos.

Burping Video


Taylor Bebop’s Dog Saying ‘MAMA’


Lip Rolling And Turning With A Pen


To get more info on Taylor Bebop and her bio, go to the Taylor Bebop page on Mahalo.com or Taylor Bebop’s MySpace page.

More Taylor Bebop Videos Can Be Found Here.

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