Back To The Tap: Use This Reusable Tap Filtered Sports Battle To Stop Earth From Becoming A Plastics Wasteland

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Back To Tap Water - Filtered Reusable sports water bottle


Back To The Tap, is a non-profit organization that wants to rid mother earth from the enormous number of plastic bottles that we humans are using. ‘Back To The Tap’ has come out with a Back to the Tap portable filtered sports bottle that aims at creating a green movement of having people avoid plastic bottled drinking water and drink the water from our taps. Most of the time our tap water is probably more safer and cleaner, if not less, than bottled water.

According to Back To The Tap, their new filtered sports battle will save about 300 – 1000 bottles (per person) from going into our landfills. Their sports water bottle consists of a carbon composite filter device that will enhance the purity of our tap water and in most cases will exceed the purity levels of commercially available bottled water.

The BACK TO THE TAP Sports Water Bottle features an exclusive “Filter As You Drink” carbon composite filter device that produces great tasting water guaranteed to meet or exceed the tasting standards of most commercial water products. This patented design has been tested and certified as Class 1- the highest certification issued by NSF International for an average 97% in chlorine and lead reductions.

Back to the tap will donate $1 from every purchase to EarthShare

Back To The Tap will also donate $1 from every purchase of their filtered sports bottle to Earth Share. Earth Share is a US based network whose motto is “To engage individuals and organizations in creating a healthy and sustainable environment.’

The 16 OZ Compact ‘Back To The Tap’ sports filtered water bottle sells for $20 and the 27 OZ bottle sells for $25. These bottles will “treat up to 80 gallons of water and effectively reduce chlorine, lead, mercury, copper, as well as pharmaceutical impurities” and will need their filters changed after about 3 months of use.

The ‘Back To The Tap’ sports filtered water bottle can be purchased here.

[Via : TreeHugger]

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