Tropical Storm Hannah Projected Path Shows Hannah May Miss Florida And Georgia And Not Make Landfall

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Tropical Storm Hannah Projected Path shows florida and georgia on hannah path

Update : Please check this post for more recent update on Tropical Storm Hannah’s Projected Path. The projected path has significantly changed.

The above map from shows the projected path of tropical storm Hannah. This new tropical storm is brewing in the Atlantic and will get more coverage after Hurricane Gustav passes over the Gulf Coast.

According to the update on Tropical Storm Hannah, it does not look like it will be a threat to land especially Florida and Georgia.

The tropical storm is centered about 260 miles northeast of the Leeward Islands with maximum sustained winds now of 50 mph.

Hanna is forecast to track northwest into the weekend and become a hurricane by Sunday or Monday. Fortunately, at that point, it will be located well northeast of the Bahamas. It does not appear to be of any threat to land in the near future, but Hanna will need to be closely monitored beyond this weekend and during the majority of next week.

For continuous update on Tropical Storm Hannah / Hurricane Hannah, Use the following :

National Hurricane Center (National Weather Service) Tropical Storm Hannah Watch Tropical Storm Hannah / Hurricane Hannah Tracker

WeatherUnderground Tropical Storm Hannah Tracking

Here is a map from showing the projected path of hurricane gustav and tropical storm hannah.

Projected path of gustav and projected path of hannah together on the same map

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