Sex Addiction Rehab For X-Files Star David Duchovny

by Trendy

David Duchovny is getting into rehad for his problems with sex addiction

David Duchovny, the popular 48 year old X-files Star, is checking into rehab for his sex addiction. Duchovny is married to Téa Leoni for the last 11 years and has two children – daughter Madelaine West (9 years old) and son Kyd Miller (6 years old) , out of their wedlock.

Inspite of repeated refusals from David Duchovny and Leoni that David Duchovny’s Sex addiction rumour is not true, David has always been in the news for his sex life. Leoni had found rumors about Duchovny’s Sex addiction “Very Exciting” and had remarked

“David was accused of being a sex addict,” Leoni, who had been married for one year at that point, said. “Which I always found very exciting. And then I found out it wasn’t true.”

“Men are like bulls,” she continued. “They gotta get the new cow. Maybe you’ve got to get the bull after he’s had a lot of cows, so you might just be the last new one.”

The Duchovny family is asking for everyone to respect their privacy during this difficult time. Whatever!

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