Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech Will Also See The Largest Number Of Text Messages Sent For Political Purposes

by Trendy

Barack Obama speech in invesco field will see thousands of SMS text messages sent out

If you are living in the Denver area and cannot get your cell phone to work properly then that is probably because everyone at Invesco Field is sending out a text message. Expect at least 50,000 or more text messages to be sent out by Obama supporters today as the Obama campaign continues an unprecedented effort to mobilize SMS text messaging and Cell Phones to bring more young voters into their camp. Big Projection screens at Invesco field is urging everyone in the crowd to send text messages to friends and family telling them how important it is for America to get a democrat back in the White House.

As per a nytimes article,

Obama’s campaign has identified 55 million voting age Americans across the country who are not registered to vote. It has done this by comparing registration lists with lists of potential voters gleaned from consumer databases the same way credit card companies track people’s spending.

Campaign officials estimates more than two-thirds would vote for Obama.

Thursday, as the crowd grew at Invesco Field, a towering projection screen at one end of the stadium flashed a giant map of the United States. The screen urged people to send a text message identifying their top issue — education, environment, etc. — and told that each text message would make their city glow brighter on the map.

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