Hurricane Gustav Projected Path Shows Gustav Will Hit Gulf Of Mexico As Category 3 Hurricane

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hurricane gustav hits haiti and cuba , projected to hit gulf of mexico as atleast category 3 hurricane

Close on the heels of hurricane/tropical storm Fay, hurricane Gustav is now brewing in Central America and getting ready to strike the US Gulf Of Mexico Coast as a hurricane with category 3 strength and speed. Fay was in the headlines for an entire week as it pounded Florida with rain and heavy winds. Kevin Kearney was also in the news for trying to attempt kite surfing in the winds of tropical storm Fay and ended in a hospital in critical condition.

Coming back to Hurricane Gustav – Gustav is currently pounding Haiti with heavy rain as a category 1 hurricane. Usually Category 1 hurricanes have wind speeds between 75-95 miles per hour. Gustav has recorded winds in Haiti with speeds of 90 miles per hour. Gustav will regain strength after it moves back over the ocean and heads to Cuba in the next day or two. Weather forecasters are projecting that Gustav is headed on a path to strike the United State Gulf Coast later this week or early next week.

Here is a map detailing the projected path of Hurricane Gustav from the weather channel.

hurricane gustav projected path from weather channel - projects gustav will hit gulf of mexico as a category 3 hurricane

To keep an eye on the projected path of hurricane Gustav and to get a continuous update, you can check the following links:

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National Hurricane Center (National Weather Service) Hurricane Gustav Watch Hurricane Gustav Tracker

Even if you are not in the projected path of Hurricane Gustav, you will still feel its effects. Oil prices have already started going up due to a “possible threat to oil operations from Hurricane Gustav”.

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