FAA Computer Problems Delaying Thousands Of Flights Across The United States

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FAA computer glitch is causing delays for thousands of flights in airports across the united states.

Computers are so much a part of our lives these days and that its not even funny to think how computer problems can bring our world to a standstill. Happening right now is a problem with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) computer systems that is affecting over 5000 flights currently in the US air space and also flights that are headed to the US. Flight delays are already being reported across airports in the country and there is still no word or ETA on when this problem will be fixed. The FAA is said to be in touch with all pilots currently in air and are making sure that all incoming aircraft get priority landing over the ones waiting to depart.

As per CNN

Communications problems at a Federal Aviation Administration facility that processes flight plans were causing flight delays at airports across the United States Tuesday afternoon, the administration said.

The facility south of Atlanta is having problems processing data, requiring that all flight-plan information be processed through a facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The two facilities process all flight plans for commercial and general aviation flights in the United States, the FAA said.

The FAA said there are no radar outages and said they have not lost contact with any planes.

Delays were being reported at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, LaGuardia Airport in New York and several others. The total number of flights affected was unknown.

The FAA is also saying that the worst delays are in the North east of US and particularly affecting Boston badly. For more news and update about this problem, check the FAA’s website at www.fly.faa.gov. Looks like FAA’s website also has a glitch as i cannot get their website to even load.

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