Pulling Weeds to Pulling Stocks From Teen Authors ‘Beatty Boys’

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picking weeds to picking stocks by beatty brothers - David Beatty, Devin Beatty, and Deric Beatty David Beatty, Devin Beatty, and Deric Beatty and their new book Picking Weeds to Picking Stocks

Pulling Weeds to Pulling Stocks is a new book that hit book store shelves recently. The book is authored by 3 teens who are brothers – David Beatty, Devin Beatty, and Deric Beatty. The Beatty brothers have written this book based on the ideas and activities that their parents have taught them. The book describes how they have made the journey from picking weeds for pocket money to picking stocks with well thought strategies.

el-comentario.com writes

Pulling Weeds to Picking Stocks claims that it can help even the youngest of children gain a financial foothold. Some techniques which are outlined in the Pulling Weeds to Picking Stocks book include budget worksheets, work ethics, liability evaluation, etc.

We’ve never personally read Pulling Weeds to Picking Stocks, but think it might be something worth picking up at he bookstore. It apparently outlines some simple strategies which one could use to get ahead in the financial world. We were unable to find any reviews of the book, and thus cant’ get any sort of general idea as to the quality of Pulling Weeds to Picking Stocks.

The Picking Weeds To Picking Stocks is available for $9.34 and is currently sold out on amazon.com

The Beatty Brothers on their website marconnect.com say the following about their new book ‘Picking Weeds To Picking Stocks’

We are David, Devin, and Deric Beatty. Together we wrote a book based on the ideas and activities our parents have been teaching us for years. So the question is does the advise really work?

Weather you are an adult or child we would like to test your money skills. Most people know how they should make financial choices. But what we have found is many people don’t want to apply what they know.

Believe us, we are kids, and we want things. We see our friends who have all the latest electronics, four wheelers and dirt bikes, and we have to ask ourself if that is what we want to spend our money on. No matter whether our parents are buying or not we have to make the choice of wise spending or wise saving.

Come and follow our journey as we set a financial foundation. A foundation which outline nine steps that everyone can benefit from.

The Beatty boys also have their own blog called ‘Life With Inflation’.

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